LifeLog is social media with a difference

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LifeLog is the merging of a game achievements system with real life events.

You upload your photo, add the relevant achievements to the post and submit the post. But with our unique take on it, you don't automatically achieve the points, the achievement posts are peer reviewed by your friends.

Once submitted your friends have the ability to approve the evidence if it meets the requirements, or disapprove if your trying to cheat to acquire more points.

•Connect and compete with friends.
•Add achievements wherever you are.
•Be part of a community and join a house.
•Over 1000 Achievements available!

Whatever you do, Make It Count!

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Upload Achievements


Upload your life achievements to the LifeLog app. 

  1. Upload your evidence
  2. Add Achievements
  3. Submit to feed
  4. Friends give their approval (or disapproval) 
  5. Once the achievement is verified you are awarded the points.

Join a House

Join one of the 6 LifeLog houses to become part of the elite community. Being a house member lets you take advantage of perks in the app and be entered into competitions

Compete Against the world


Earn points and compete with people from all around the world. Compete with your friends or as part of a house. Achievement categories include travel, food, sports and social, so whatever you do, Make It Count!